Odin Solutions is beneficiary of a Grant for the Hiring of a graduate in P.F.

horas frio frutales

These public aids aimed at financing the hiring in internships of people with higher vocational training qualifications by companies, universities and R+D+I entities in the Region of Murcia (BORM number 96 of April 27, 2018). The objective is to favor the labor market insertion of these graduates by specializing their training in the areas with the greatest potential for development in the Region of Murcia through their participation in R+D+i projects.

The Regional Ministry of Employment, Research and Universities, through the Directorate General for Scientific Research and Innovation, launches this call for grants for the year 2020, which subsidizes the hiring, for one year, full-time, of graduates in higher vocational training, who are unemployed and job seekers.

This call is co-financed by the Operational Program ESF 2014-2020 of the Region of Murcia and, therefore, is subject to the applicable European Union Rules and by the national rules of development or transposition thereof. Regional and state regulations shall be supplementary to European regulations.

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