Smart irrigation in soccer fields


24 OdinS (IRRIDEA) devices have been installed to monitor the water supplied to the soccer fields in the municipality of Málaga.

Thanks to this installation, responsible use of this valuable resource is guaranteed in a geographical area marked by a lack of rainfall. Furthermore, the irrigation management of football fields will gain in efficiency with the help of the Irridea Smart tele-management platform, which provides responsible personnel with the possibility of defining alerts based on the parameters of use of existing irrigation, both in schedules and number of hours, need or not for irrigation and exploit the data obtained.

In this case, OdinS devices have been integrated with a third-party platform, enhancing the interoperability of OdinS devices.

Our philosophy, focused on the use of technologies based on standard and open protocols, allows us to integrate our solution with other global Smart City platforms, opening the door to innovation and development.





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