Access control and management of bicycle shelters


Murcia City Council already has an autonomous access control system and remote management of closed canopies for public bicycle parking in the city of Murcia. The services offered by OdinS for the management of these canopies are:

Use of Dallas keys (iButton) for user access control
Generation of alerts when the carport is accessed without a key, the electrical panel is opened or the door remains open for more than 5 minutes
Possibility of connection to a theft center, to report unauthorized access or intrusion
Web management application
Connection to the management server through the City Council’s WIFI connection or 3G for points where there is no coverage
For the execution of the project, the IPex16 automaton has been installed as a control system, volumetric and magnetic contacts for intrusion control, a theft center installed by the Sureste Seguridad company and the management web application. The management web service allows access to real-time information on the use being made of each of the marquees, as well as registering/deleting users, monitoring alerts, etc.

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