Casos de éxito


Smart greenhouse
Currently, greenhouse irrigation is operated manually by the operator when he considers it appropriate...
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Traceability and hydro-energy footprint in agriculture
OdinS installed its Country explorer crop monitoring system at Finca Las Tiesas (LT)(50 ha), which is...
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Water treatment
OdinS has provided the SOB distributors company with the Country explorer management system to carry...
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Stream and flood monitoring
As an example of an OdinS success story in the area of ​​application of our Country explorer solution...
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gestión regadíos
Irrigation management and irrigation communities
OdinS has developed a wireless remote control system for the company Hidroconta using a GSM/GPRS network...
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Hydroponic greenhouse management
OdinS has provided a solution for the monitoring and control of irrigation, nutrition and climate in...
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smart city badajoz
Smart City Badajoz
A strategic implementation of OdinS devices was carried out in several key locations for the Badajoz...
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campo de futbol
Smart irrigation in soccer fields
24 OdinS (IRRIDEA) devices have been installed to monitor the water supplied to the soccer fields in...
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People tracking
For personal monitoring, an application was created to provide coverage for people who need to be located...
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Vehicle fleet tracking
The University of Murcia has more than 50 vehicles with a fleet tracking system. With the OdinS software,...
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city-Seguridad Personal-1
Personal security
OdinS is technical support for the FRESS 112 platform. Our company has been in charge of the development...
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gestión residuos
Garbage container collection management
OdinS has deployed a waste management system with a network of monitored recycling waste containers (paper,...
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monitorización polución
Urban pollution monitoring and light management
OdinS has participated in the “Smart City Lorca” project with the deployment of lighting controllers...
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Intelligent lighting management
The management system provided by OdinS allows the monitoring and control of outdoor lighting from a...
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Access control and management of bicycle shelters
Murcia City Council already has an autonomous access control system and remote management of closed canopies...
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Comfort and Energy Efficiency
OdinS, together with one of the banking entity maintenance companies, have carried out a pilot test in...
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CABECERA_Sistemas de Regulacion
Extractor Hood Regulation Systems
OdinS has developed a chemical hood regulation system for a company Conelectric, dedicated to the automation...
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Photovoltaic Energy production control
OdinS has implemented its monitoring and control system for the remote management of solar panels installed...
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Safety in Toxic Environments
OdinS provides a monitoring system for explosive gases and contaminants, for the safety of shipbuilding...
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Remote Laboratory Management
OdinS has developed, together with Equilabo, a remote control system based on environmental sensors and...
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Tele-maintenance of buildings
More and more installations in buildings have communication interfaces that allow us to manage remotely...
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infraestructure-Aula eficiente-1
Efficient classroom
OdinS offers a kit of products and services to achieve efficient classrooms in schools, institutes, universities,...
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Access control in buildings
OdinS provides the IPexRFID device that offers a REST API to be used with any access control and time...
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infraestructure-Gestion centralizada de seguridad en edificios-1
Centralized building security management
Currently, OdinS products for centralized security management are implemented in 12 buildings belonging...
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Cabecrea-TeleGestion edi
Tele-management of multiple buildings
The University of Murcia has been participating in energy efficiency for several years. The number of...
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