Irrigation management and irrigation communities


OdinS has developed a wireless remote control system for the company Hidroconta using a GSM/GPRS network for irrigation systems in irrigation communities. The software solution provided by OdinS is based on HTML 5.0, and makes use of the Country explorer software platform. The parameters that are measured and the management carried out are:
Water consumption measurement
Valve control
Irrigation scheduling
Collection and management of irrigation history
Alert log
Control of digital and analog inputs/outputs (for temperature, humidity, pressure…)
A similar system but in this case with the OdinS Country explorer brand can be found, for example, in the community of Regantes de la Puebla de Mula. The main features of the system are:
Multi-user management system
Multiplatform (Windows, Linux and Mac)
Based on City Explorer technology and adapted to the needs of irrigation systems
Allows full configuration and control of IPex12 terminals
Allows automatic/manual control of hydrants
Management of up to 28 independent irrigation programs, 2 programs per day for 14 days. With their completions by time, volume or time and volume
Management of irrigation program history to verify their correct execution
Management of counter histories
Establishment of the value of each of the counters. It also allows having a partial counter, for each of the global counters, which facilitates the user’s control work on a monthly, quarterly, etc. basis.
Management of alerts sent by the IPex12 terminal
Report generation

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