Audiovisuals and tourism

At OdinS we offer audiovisual communication solutions that deploy their functionalities in the field of private business, administrative activity, education and the tourism sector.

Through our official distributor TProtege, we provide our clients with personalized solutions capable of providing a high-quality audiovisual experience. 

Using the latest technologies, these solutions enrich  work, educational, administrative environments, etc. through dynamism and interaction.

We offer disruptive and surprising solutions that elevate the user experience. 

Meeting rooms, training and simulation rooms, museums, establishments or public roads are just some of the spaces that can benefit from these solutions. 

  • Meeting rooms
  • Meetings and collaboration
  • CCTV
  • Video conference
  • Simultaneous recording and translation
  • Simulation rooms
  • Chroma
  • video wall
  • 360º immersive environments
  • Mapping
  • Blending
  • LED panel
  • Custom projects
  • Sound system
  • Centralized dynamic marketing
  • Citizen information
  • Corporate communication
  • Integration with shift systems
  • Large format LED screens

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