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The horizontal and vertical monitoring and management of connected infrastructures is an important pillar in the new way of organizing the means of production called the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. OdinS, as a technology company dedicated to providing the necessary means to take data anywhere and act on infrastructure, has numerous tools to facilitate this new vision of the industry, with contributions in the fields of Internet of Things, cloud computing , horizontal and vertical connectivity, and data analysis and Big Data.

OdinS has carried out various actions in this area of ​​industry 4.0, among which we can mention the management of energy resources (energy efficiency), the monitoring of energy production, the management of infrastructure and monitoring in chemical laboratories, safety in toxic industrial environments, etc.

Success stories

The CexLab and RexLab devices are an essential solution for spaces that require a
control of specific environmental factors

Monitoring of fume hoods, freezers, cold rooms and gas leak detection.

Temperature and gas monitoring, such as ethanol and CO2 levels for ripening control.

Detection of explosive gases such as butane-propane, methane-natural gas and hydrogen.

Detection of toxic gases such as Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2), Chlorine (Cl2) and Hydrogen (H2).

Software Platform

Customize the display mode

It is possible to customize the representation of the installation with images, drawings and photos. In addition, it is configurable in several languages.

Intuitive configuration

If you want to add new devices to the system you just need to “drag and drop”.

Security and change control

The software offers user roles, with different levels of access and change control logging.

Multi-device access

Compatible with any device that supports web browsers, remote connection applications and VPNs.


Each of the probes can be calibrated individually, either by applying the linear adjustment method or an offset factor.

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