Smart greenhouse


Currently, greenhouse irrigation is operated manually by the operator when he considers it appropriate without precise information about the crop. Therefore, more water and energy than necessary is usually consumed and the plant does not grow optimally, lowering productivity. OdinS makes it possible to monitor and remotely control crops to automate the irrigation process precisely with the necessary amount of water. in real time according to environmental and crop conditions, measured with temperature, humidity, conductivity, etc. sensors.

This application requires the following 3 functionalities:

– The incorporation of agronomic sensors to monitor the crop and also controllers that automate the irrigation process.

– Customized application that processes the data measured by the sensors to provide orders to the automation controllers of the irrigation process (ventilation, irrigation pumps, etc.

– The Internet communication system between the sensors and controllers with the application hosted on a cloud server that will provide web access from any location and mobile device.

OdinS allows you to improve irrigation processes through its monitoring and automation system that is efficient, reliable and competitive worldwide.

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