Traceability and hydro-energy footprint in agriculture


OdinS installed its Country explorer crop monitoring system at Finca Las Tiesas (LT)(50 ha), which is located northwest of the city center of Albacete, and at Finca Casa del Pozo (CDP)(32 ha). ) which is located northeast of it (SIGPAC, 2013). The study on the water footprint of barley crops provides the necessary information to reduce water consumption in irrigation and produce high-quality beer.

Two soil samples were carried out in two selected plots of the Las Tiesas and Casa del Pozo farms in two field visits (02/07/2013 and 07/30/2013), during the planting period (01/08/13). and barley harvest (July 2013). Country explorer was installed, and was responsible for real-time monitoring of the information sent by the agricultural sensors deployed in the selected sampling areas. With the information collected, the calculation of the Optimal Water Footprint was carried out. The results in terms of water savings in each of the aforementioned plots were:

In Las Tiesas, savings of 420 m3/ha leftovers that correspond to 15.15% of the irrigation applied
In Casa del Pozo, savings of 1390 m3/ha left over, which corresponds to 38.5% of the irrigation applied

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