Intelligent lighting management


The management system provided by OdinS allows the monitoring and control of outdoor lighting from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The system allows you to manage lighting by zones, times and dates, detect breakdowns and monitor environmental parameters. This technology, based on low-consumption devices, incorporates a self-regulation system for light intensity that depends on the presence of people on the street. The results obtained are the following:

Greater electricity savings (up to 90%)
CO2 emission reduction
Improved maintenance by detecting luminaire failures
Increases the life of the luminaire because its 100% operation is limited when there are people or vehicles present.
Reduction of light pollution in parks and natural areas
Increased road safety because it is not necessary to completely turn off the streetlights, thus avoiding robberies and accidents.
Greater information about pollution (CO2, dust, noise, etc.) to make decisions for the benefit of social and natural environments
As examples of implementation, OdinS remote control equipment, called MexST, is already improving the efficiency of lighting in the cities of Espinardo and Lorca. The main objective of this technology is the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions (within the framework of the European Union 20-20-20 objectives).

Success Stories