Murcia Smart City


OdinS has provided an application based on the FIWARE platform for the monitoring and control of public services of the Murcia City Council that served as a demo prototype for the Smart Cities request for help from RED.ES. All the information provided by the application is in real time, and collects information from sensors and equipment deployed in the city (lighting, parking, pollution, etc.).

On the map offered by the application, the icons of the devices are shown in the geographical locations where they are installed, and when you click on the icon it shows you the available information. You can consult the information monitored in different parts of the city, such as: incidents reported by citizens through a mobile application, with which they can upload photos and information about the problem detected in a certain urban area, temperature and humidity sensors in public buildings, measurements of electricity consumption in buildings, measurements of energy production from solar panels and other renewable sources, traffic intensity meters, parking spaces (free and occupied), location of trams, control of street lights and public lighting, etc.

The objective of this initiative is to use all the existing information on the urban services of the city of Murcia, to provide a simple application that allows the management of resources by the Administration and for the use of citizens.

Success Stories