Access control in buildings


OdinS provides the IPexRFID device that offers a REST API to be used with any access control and time attendance software. This device has, in addition to the RFID reader, two digital inputs for sensors and an output for activating locks. Memory is available for the local database in case the connection to the remote database is lost. It has a POE Ethernet connection or RS485 connection, operating on a bus, where a master reader acts as an RS485/Ethernet converter. The installation can be done inside a universal light box with the aesthetics of the building’s light switches or with an independent envelope.
In the new buildings of the University of Murcia, they already have the access control system based on OdinS RFID technology, called IPexRFID. The access control system has been deployed in the Technology Transfer Center (CTT), located in the Fuente Álamo Technology Park, on the Espinardo campus in the buildings that make up the PLEIADES-CIAVYS complex and the AURED building, and in the LAIB and CEIB Animal Facility buildings on the Health Campus, next to Arrixaca:

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