Centralized building security management


Currently, OdinS products for centralized security management are implemented in 12 buildings belonging to CARM. Several IPex16 controllers have been installed along with the OdinS City Explorer server that centralizes control of all buildings. Remote control is carried out from the Control Center located in the Ministry of Economy and Finance by CARM security personnel. Different commercial brands of fire switchboards have been integrated, such as Notifier, Apollo, Kilsen, etc. The integrated anti-theft center is the Galaxy Honeywell. And access control is done with the iButton system. The services offered by our remote control system for fire and burglary centers in these buildings are:

Detection of alerts/breakdowns for both fire and theft at the control unit and sensor level
Reassembly of fire and intrusion centers
Enabling/Disabling of theft/fire modules and control of sirens (silence), outputs, etc.
Consultation and generation of incident reports
The possibilities offered by user access control using iButton:

Defining a user ACL based on the iButton identifier
Query and generation of access reports
Definition of actions to be carried out after user verification, for example, opening the door, turning on lights, among others
Another example is the Reina Sofía hospital in Murcia, which already has two of the sections of its building integrated into the OdinS City explorer system, these sections are the Pathological Anatomy and Dual Unit. In total, 2 IPex-16 controllers have been installed along with the Odin City explorer server that centralizes the control of the fire panels. The remote control is carried out in the hospital’s security department by Grupo Sureste personnel. The fire control panel integrated into City explorer is the Bosch FPA-500. The possibilities offered by remote control of fire stations are:

Detection of fire alerts/breakdowns at the plant and module level
Query and generation of access reports
Rearming, enabling/disabling of fire modules and siren control (silenced)

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