Pilot Projects for the Junta de Castilla y Leon

horas frio frutales

As a result of a great effort and determination, today has taken place the presentation of one of the 7 pilots in which OdinS has put its stamp.

Thanks to our dataloggers, the administration will be able to know in real time the status of water pumping from various wells to the central water tank, as well as the status of water quality, which will allow, depending on various parameters, the dosing of chlorine to make its consumption possible.

One of the novelties introduced in this pilot was the use of NB-IoT technology, which OdinS is pioneering.

The list of pilots is as follows:

  • Water meter monitoring in Almazán (Soria)
  • Irrigation Control in Golmayo (Soria)
  • Water Quality Monitoring in Baltanás (Palencia, Spain)
  • Pumping monitoring in Villamuriel de Cerrato (Palencia).
  • Monitoring of water pipelines in Grijota (Palencia, Spain)
  • Pumping monitoring at Mediana de Voltoya (Ávila)
  • Monitoring of Water Quality in Mediana de Voltoya (Ávila)

The devices communicate with the Fiware Platform, part of which has been implemented by Telefónica.

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