OdinS celebrates its 10 years in style

On June 19, OdinS turned the Fundación Mediterráneo auditorium into its own metaphorical “airport” during the celebration of a decade “full of successes and learning,” as José Trigueros, CEO of OdinS, points out. The event was full of surprises, with a staging that represented the 10 years as an authentic plane trip in the fictitious company “AERODINS”, and a crew as fun as it was extravagant, love drama included. At the hands of the “pilot” Javi Chou, actor, monologist and guide of the evening, and the actress Beatriz Macia, “stewardess” of flight “OS140614”.

The opening of the event was carried out by José Trigueros, who presented the beginnings of the company, in turn beginning the celebration.

On such a long trip, the auxiliary food cart could not be missing, which was complemented by a great takeoff and safety instructions that the attendees experienced in their purest form, creating an exciting and complete flight experience. The stage performance was complemented by an audiovisual production by Joaquín Lisón, renowned film director, performer, theater director and stage lighting.

At the height of the gala, the audience once again vibrated with the Folk Metal notes of the Alicante group Hadadanza, and the fusion of the fortuneros Huelebotes. Both were invited to surprise the two members who were in the audience, two OdinS employees who did not hesitate to go on stage with their respective musical groups.

The closing was officiated by Miguel Ángel Zamora and Antonio F. Skarmeta, Professors of Telematics Engineering at the University of Murcia and founding partners of the company, who mentioned the growth experienced by OdinS throughout this decade and the great future projects, among them, the creation of a Center for the design and customization of high-performance cybersecurity chips in the Region of Murcia. The evening also featured great news: The official presentation of Quantix EdgeS and its logo.

At the presentation of the new company, we received Mrs. María González Veracruz, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, who highlighted the commitment of the Spanish Government to the project and its impact on the country’s industry and economy.

The institutional closure came from the honorary Rector of the University of Murcia, Mr. Mr. José Luján.

Finally, the nearly 170 travelers on the “flight” disembarked at the restaurant of the Real Casino de Murcia.

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