OdinS receives the EIBT accreditation at the national level by ANCES.

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OdinS is one of the 3 companies that have obtained the EIBT seal in 2016 and belong to the catalog of technological enablers of the program Murcia Industry 4.0. The certificate, granted by the National Association of Spanish Companies (ANCES), recognizes the commitment to quality, innovation and development of new technological products.

A dozen technological companies in the Region of Murcia have achieved in the last 5 years the seal that certifies them as Innovative Technological Based Companies (EIBT’s), a fact that places the Region as one of the most active. In addition, 15 percent of the 65 companies recognized as EIBT’s nationwide in that period were from the Region.

The director of the Instituto de Fomento and president of the CEEIM, Javier Celarán, delivered yesterday this seal to the three last recognized ‘startup’ that are part of an innovative business and industrial fabric that has understood that the way to be more competitive and to face the challenges of a globalized economy is to invest in innovation and research. ” “From the regional government we tried to support them and drive them along that path, and that effort has made us the fourth community that has increased its investment in innovation,” explained Javier Celdrán.

OdinS manufactures a wide range of dataloggers, PLCs and controllers that facilitate the integration of sensors and actuators based on standard Internet of Things protocols that securely communicate with any Big Data, Scada, ERP, CRM and Augmented Reality software. OdinS manufactures wireless communication modules 3G / GPRS, Radio 866Mhz, Sigfox, LORA that facilitates communication with any industrial sensor and actuator and the integration of digital equipment and industrial processes to achieve comprehensive and global management through standard protocols and secure Internet of Things

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