Platon IoT Platform

Research on an IoT platform for smart cities

The Plato project has made it possible to develop the CityExplorer Platform as a Service for infrastructure management and offer multiple services such as monitoring and remote control of energy efficiency, agri-food resources and the environment.

The platform will provide open and flexible interfaces that guarantee interoperability and incorporation of external components. To achieve this purpose, the following specific objectives are proposed.

Design of the platform following a layered model that allows flexibility in its solution and also the modularization of its components that enable different types of deployments depending on the intelligent infrastructure scenarios that you wish to address.

Creation of an intelligence layer for the analysis of monitored data that allows the application of intelligent technologies such as Big Data to develop models and make decisions adapted to needs.

Definition of standard interfaces to interconnect sensors and at the same time allow interaction with other platforms, especially the initiatives of the EU FI-WARE platform, thus allowing integration into other systems and therefore increasing the possibilities of exploitation.

Experiment with new sensor models to optimize their processing, facilitate their interaction at the IP level and increase security and privacy in communications.

The OdinS Plato project of “IoT Platform as a Service for Infrastructure Management in Smart City Environments” has been co-financed by the Murcia Regional Development Institute and the European Regional Development Fund FEDER.

Project deployment