IoT4Industry – Cysema

Cybersecurity research for remote deployment and programming.

The main objective of the CYSEMA project is to demonstrate an integrated cybersecurity solution based on standardized technologies and open source stacks. This enables SMEs to securely deploy industrial IoT networks with secure and sustainable maintenance of their software in a large-scale manufacturing factory.

The CYSEMA project focuses on the integration and demonstration of IIoT technologies and cybersecurity solutions to enable the secure deployment of IIoT devices and the secure management of their software reprogramming in the manufacturing environment. The project will demonstrate the application of a novel cybersecurity tool fabrication tool for secure reconfiguration and security monitoring of IoT devices (e.g., sensors and gateways) based on distributed ledger and IPFS technologies. The project will demonstrate the LO-CoAP-EAP solution for network startup that integrates the use of authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) infrastructure. The demonstration will be carried out in cooperation and configuration of real industrial factory environments at Kallfass Verpackungsmaschinen in Nürtingen, Germany.

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