Smart agriculture platform using Edge and Far-Edge computing to provide real-time dynamic precision monitoring and control services in agricultural environments over 5G+/6G networks.

With the population increase that is expected to occur exponentially in the coming decades, the agricultural sector has to be able to increase food production efficiently and sustainably. To achieve this, precision agriculture must play a key role in this evolution, supported by technology that allows its modernization. In recent years, technological advances in wireless communications, drones and IoT devices have revolutionized the sector. In this sense, 5G+/6G networks emerge as the main enabler to respond to the connectivity and processing demands of new generations of intelligent agricultural platforms. The AGRO6GSENSE project seeks to promote the incorporation of new 5G+/6G technologies through an intelligent and distributed agricultural telemonitoring and telemanagement platform. The platform is based on the design and development of a far-EDGE 5G+ device that acts as a gateway for interconnection and management of IoT devices, and as a matrix for the dynamic and intelligent deployment of services. It is the latter that would provide new capabilities to the agricultural platform, enabling new services such as distributed data processing at the edge, advanced alert systems, infrastructure and crop management based on artificial intelligence, service quality assurance end-to-end, and improvements in privacy and information control. To demonstrate the proposed solution, an initial experimental pilot will be deployed in a 5G+ laboratory network at the University of Murcia, and a final agricultural demonstrator pilot in conjunction with collaborating agricultural companies.

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