Development of Infrastructure and Connectivity Services on 5G and Edge Computing for the management and processing of telemedicine and telecare services.

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The increase in life expectancy and limited access to healthcare services, particularly in rural areas, make it difficult for the Spanish healthcare service to provide high-quality healthcare accessible to all. For this reason, telemedicine services are being promoted that allow patients to communicate with doctors 24 hours a day. However, these services cannot offer the same quality as an in-person consultation, so they need to be complemented with devices for medical use that allow continuous, real-time monitoring of patients and instruments.

5G emerges in this scenario as the main enabler to respond to the connectivity demands of different devices, their use and situation, and where the Edge Computing paradigm acquires vital importance to ensure a response with sufficient processing and low latency. in often critical situations (for example, when facing health emergencies) and in poorly accessible rural environments.

This project seeks to promote the telemedicine and telecare sector through 5G technology, through an advanced medical services platform that allows the monitoring and assistance of patients and nomadic medical units, based on the installation of a far-EDGE 5G device. in the home that acts as a gateway for interconnection and management of IoT medical devices. far-EDGE will also offer the dynamic deployment of services, advanced alert systems, distributed local processing of data, improvements in privacy and control of information, as well as improved use of network resources, real-time communications and guaranteed end-to-end quality of service. In addition, this will enable the use of AI and BigData technology to offer alarming functions for prevention, unassisted decision making and advice to medical personnel, improving the provision of medical and care services.

Patient identification and selection process, as well as their onboarding process .

The project is financed by the SINGLE 5G SECTORAL 2023 Aid Program through the European Union Recovery Fund – NextGenerationEU to promote 5G/6G technologies, convergence, resilience and transformation in the European Union. Reference TSI-065100-2023-006.

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