Intelligent and automated platform for distributed applications in multi-domain 5G+/6G infrastructures.

PROMETEO aims to bring and help SMEs and ICT developers towards the emerging paradigm of distributed network applications (NetApps) based on 5G+/6G, which will provide industrial ICT solutions with competitive advantages (e.g. faster response speed, greater precision , among others), also offering the possibility of implementing, deploying and validating NetApps distributed applications in an automated manner with the least amount of time and cost. This will allow us to validate and certify whether the NetApps do meet pre-established minimum characteristics before their use and marketing in real 5G+/6G scenarios. To this end, PROMETEO will investigate an intelligent ML/AI platform based on new open techniques and tools (NFV and SDN) that will serve as the basis for the comprehensive and automated management of new fully softwareized 6G infrastructures and to promote the design and deployment of industrial network applications (NetApps). In addition, it will provide access to an experimental 5G+/6G testbed to SMEs, as well as the methods and processes necessary for external ICT developers to design, virtualize, deploy and validate their own NetApps taking into account the specific requirements of 5G+/6G infrastructures. multidomain. PROMETEO will demonstrate its intelligent platform, NetApps creation methods in an open experimental 5G+/6G testbed through two innovative use cases such as Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) and Precision Smart Agriculture.

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