The GUARDIAN project (GUARDIAN on Safe and Intelligent Management of Refrigerated Goods through Advanced Sensorization and Data Analytics) is based on optimizing the energy efficiency of production processes and on certification in the refrigerated logistics process.

The project

The project represents the development of a “technological concept” capable of providing intelligence in the operational management of the logistics city of Primafrío, a company located in Alhama de Murcia and specialized for more than 50 years in refrigerated road transport.

The objective

The main objective is to centralize in a single platform the operational, energy and infrastructure management of the Logistics Center, allowing the solution to be scalable in the future to be able to control, measure or act against any other equipment, system or machine to be incorporated. It also includes compliance with GDP (Good Distribution Practices) regulations for the certification of good distribution practices for the pharmaceutical and agri-food industry, with the aim of streamlining and establishing confidence in the process, avoiding possible fraud in the control of product quality.

Transportation improvements

Thus, GUARDIAN has researched and developed solutions for improving the physics of refrigerated transport that propose alternatives to reduce vehicle consumption in their journeys, for energy optimization of existing resources through data analysis in real time thanks to innovation in IoT sensorization infrastructures in refrigerated transport, and for secure data management through blockchain, also called smart contract, which allows the certification of GDP regulations on temperature control and product quality.


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