WISeKey, Sealsq, OdinS and TProtege present Quantix EdgeS: Cybersecurity and semiconductor center in Spain.

WISeKey, SEALSQ, OdinS and TProtege present QUANTIX EDGES (Quantix Edge Security), a project to develop an innovative Center for the design and customization of high-performance cybersecurity chips in the Region of Murcia and which are in advanced negotiations with the Government of Spain due to its public-private nature.

MURCIA, June 21, 2024

Odin Solutions celebrated its tenth anniversary by announcing the name of the joint venture with which they plan a Chip Center in the Region together with WISeKey, SEALSQ and TProtege. The Murcian company Odin Solutions, spin-off of the University of Murcia, celebrated its tenth anniversary with an event in which its innovative trajectory and its work in the transfer of knowledge aimed at industrial technological solutions was reviewed. Scenario in which it was announced that ‘Quantix Edge Security’ will be the name of the joint venture with which, together with WISeKey, SEALSQ and TProtege, they will design an innovative Cybersecure microchip design and customization center in the Region of Murcia.

The event, which took place at the Espacio Fundación Mediterráneo, featured interventions by the CEO of OdinS, José Trigueros, the professors from the University of Murcia, Antonio Skarmeta and Miguel Ángel Zamora, as well as the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures, María González Veracruz, and the magnificent rector of the University of Murcia, José Luján Alcaraz, in addition to the presence of the mayors of Murcia and Lorquí, José Ballesta and Joaquín Hernández, and prominent academic, institutional and business personalities from the Region of Murcia and representatives of the Swiss company WISeKey.

In a strategic move that sets a new milestone in the global cybersecurity and semiconductor landscape, WISeKey International Holding Ltd. (“WISeKey”) (SIX: WIHN, NASDAQ: WKEY) and SEALSQ Corp (“SEALSQ”) (NASDAQ: LAES), world-leading companies in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, semiconductors, PKI and post-quantum technology, announced today that they have reached an agreement with ODIN Solutions (hereinafter,
OdinS) and TProtege to create a joint company in the Region of Murcia. Quantix EdgeS will seek to be a global benchmark in cybersecurity and semiconductors, aligning with the Spanish and European strategy to promote digital transformation and cybersecurity. The collaboration between these entities will focus on developing advanced capabilities in cybersecurity and semiconductors, supporting the diversification and sustainability of the Spanish economy through emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and secure network systems.

In the short term, Quantix EdgeS intends to develop a Cybersecurity and Semiconductor Customization Center in Murcia through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the PERTE Chip. This center will seek to reduce global dependence on semiconductor manufacturing and strengthening the implementation capabilities of microchips. Additionally, Quantix EdgeS is committed to creating a technology innovation center in cybersecurity and IoT devices, promoting the development of solutions based on RISC-V, certification systems for the security of smart devices and attracting talent of high added value. In this sense, the creation of more than 130 jobs is expected specialization and added value in the region of Murcia in a first phase, for which a plan is proposed to incorporate professionals both at a regional level and to attract talent at an international level.

This project is aligned with the EU’s strategy to revitalize its semiconductor ecosystem, launched in February 2022 with the “Chip Law”. Member states have launched national initiatives that will allow Europe to mobilize €43 billion in the coming years. The PERTE Chip of Spain, is one of the most ambitious strategic projects approved as part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR), it aims to strengthen the design and production capabilities of the national microelectronics and semiconductor industry, with an investment expected public of 12.25 billion euros until 2027. This initiative aims to turn Spain into a global chip manufacturing center and develop a robust value chain. At the presentation of the new company, framed within the tenth anniversary of OdinS, Mrs. María González Veracruz, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, spoke , highlighting the commitment of the Spanish Government to the project and its impact on the country’s industry and economy. .

Quantix EdgeS will focus on critical sectors such as smart cities, IT infrastructure, smart embedded systems, 5G/6G networks, smart agriculture, transportation, commerce, banking, automotive, consumer products and healthcare, seeking to establish itself rapidly as a key player in the microchip and cybersecurity sector. The collaboration will leverage WISeKey’s global expertise in cybersecurity and digital technologies, SEALSQ’s market knowledge in semiconductor hardware and software, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and post-quantum technology, OdinS’ innovation capability in IoT, smart cities , precision agriculture and AI applied to critical infrastructures and the strong regional presence through collaboration with TProtege. The operational success of Quantix EdgeS reflects the commitment to providing advanced cybersecurity, secure communication and IoT infrastructure solutions, highlighting the importance of post-quantum technologies in microchips and devices. The initiative not only supports the digital transformation of Spain, but also improves its competitiveness by attracting investments and promoting innovation in the digital economy.

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