3 ways to save money on your agricultural activity

Technology has brought about a revolution in all areas of our lives . From social networks that help us connect with our friends to IoT technologies that collect and group in real time all the processes that occur in a factory . And in the agriculture? It is also possible the application of innovative technologies in this field. Are technologies _ They contribute not only to saving money, they also help to take care of the environment through a more responsible use of natural resources.

Potential of technology to save money

It is a reality that the agricultural sector works with increasingly narrow margins and making profits becomes a complicated task . For this reason and as in other sectors, finding a way to control expenses and optimize resources is key to survival. 

At first glance this may seem like a complicated task . The truth is that the farmers Today they have at their disposal a series of technologies _ revolutionary solutions capable of helping them have total control over their crops, his spent and his Resource consumption. 

3 actions for a more efficient, sustainable and profitable crop

Crop monitoring: Crop monitoring technologies allow farmers to obtain real-time information about the status of their crops. This helps them detect problems more quickly, implement more effective measures and save money by avoiding crop loss.

WiClouds offers farmers a Comprehensive, simple and practical platform to manage your crops. This platform not only shows the data collected by the sensors in real time, it also allows establishing alerts and custom rules , improve the automation of irrigation and even keeping track of fruity cold hours.

Capturas de WiClouds

Efficient use of fertilizers and pesticides: IoT technology is also helping farmers to be more precise in the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Thanks to controllers and sensors, farmers can apply these products more efficiently. This allows you to reduce emissions, waste, save money and gain comfort. Smart fertigation solutions avoid wasting between 40 and 60% of water and reduce the risk of fungi appearing in the soil. Using sensors, dataloggers, a counter, an irrigation programmer and the WiClouds platform, fertirrigo allows you to apply just the amount of fertilizers you need to the crop.

At OdinS we go even further. We have developed a solution that allows farmers to manage pests more efficiently and sustainably through machine learning. With just one camera it can detect, identify and quantify insects. Do you want more information? Download our Agro Catalog or contact us.

Smart irrigation: Smart irrigation IoT technology allows farmers to monitor and optimize water use, reducing irrigation costs and improving efficiency . Additionally, it also helps prevent soil erosion and pollution, which can have a positive impact on crop health and therefore farmers’ profits.

Devices like our Mex03 allow exhaustive control about the meteorological factors that affect our crops. Combined with A weather station can measure rainfall, that is, rainfall data. precipitation. For example, if the station is forecasting rain, the software will use this precise information to advise, program or execute the most appropriate irrigation. In addition, it can also measure barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, lightning quantity and distance, and vapor pressure.

agricultura inteligente para ahorrar dinero

In short, IoT technology is revolutionizing agriculture and helping farmers save money of many ways. From monitoring crops to the automation of tasks, technology is making possible more efficient, sustainable and profitable agriculture .

IoT technology will undoubtedly continue to play an increasingly important role in the agricultural sector in the future, and farmers who adopt these technologies will have a significant advantage in terms of costs and profits.

At Odin Solutions we have a wide variety of solutions adapted to your needs. Contact us and we will help you take your crops to the next level.

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