The future of cities 

Green spaces in cities are havens of biodiversity, helping to preserve and promote local flora and fauna. In addition, gardens provide recreation and leisure areas, improving people’s quality of life by being quiet and aesthetically pleasing spaces in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. They also play a key role in improving the urban climate by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, reducing the heat island effect and mitigating noise pollution.

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Vegetation lowers the average temperature of cities, helping to cool the environment and mitigate thermal sensation.

The plant barrier helps reduce noise by protecting against noise pollution caused by traffic.

Plants capture CO2 particles, helping to purify the air and reduce pollution.

Furthermore, many studies relate the presence of green areas with a

greater social connectivity, a reduction in stress levels and a positive impact on mental health.

Green spaces have multiple benefits on health and the environment,
and Smart Garden offers a comprehensive and specific solution for them.

Water Quality
Air Quality
Meteorological Data
flow of citizens


Smart irrigation solution that adapts to weather conditions

Advanced algorithms

The platform has advanced algorithms capable of adjusting irrigation based on different meteorological variables, such as wind, rain, evapotranspiration and solar radiation.

Informed decisions

We provide infrastructure with the necessary elements to ensure that administrations have all the data on green areas that results in the climatic and social well-being of the citizen.

Flexible installation

We adapt to the needs of our clients with SaaS and On Premise solutions.

Open Data

We maintain a commitment to interoperability based on open data. All of our products are compatible with third-party hardware and software.

We offer this solution in collaboration with
our distributor Riversa.

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