PERTE de Agua, aid for irrigating communities

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Background of PERTE del agua

Water is one of the basic and essential resources for life, for the maintenance of the planet’s ecosystems, and also for the economy.

Unfortunately, it is also a scarce resource, and its control and management is a constant challenge that is exacerbated in the case of Spain, one of the territories with the greatest water stress in the EU.

In our country, irrigation and agricultural uses account for 80.5% of the total demand for water, and given the context of accelerating climate change and population growth, it is increasingly crucial to make efficient and sustainable use of water. .

Added to the lack of rainfall is the lack of detailed information on consumption and losses due to leaks, breakages or leaks.

¿What is PERTE?

In this context, the PERTE for Digitalization of the Water Cycle was born, promoted by the Government of Spain, which includes a set of measures aimed at modernizing the water cycle to:

  • Improve the management
  • Increase the efficiency
  • Reduce losses
  • Fight climate change

The PERTE for digitalization of water is a great opportunity to achieve a complete digitalization of the water cycle and thus advance in the modernization of agriculture, optimizing resources to the maximum.

This PERTE has 4 lines of action, which cover: an improvement of the current regulatory framework in water management, the promotion of the digitalization of basin organizations, the promotion of digital skills in the administration and management of water and the development of aid programs to promote digitalization to the different water users in Spain. These lines are part of the 2030 Agenda, on Sustainable Development.

In fact, 200 million euros will be allocated to the digitalization of irrigation alone!

Who is this aid for?

These aid are aimed at administrations and entities competent in the urban water cycle, industry and for communities of irrigators and groundwater users.

What does OdinS offer?

Getting one of these aids may seem like a challenge, but we can help you.

At OdinS we have been developing smarter, more efficient and sustainable businesses through IoT technology for more than 9 years. We are innate innovators, and our tailored solutions already operate in agriculture, industry, smart cities and infrastructure in more than 30 countries. We want to accompany you in the digitalization of the water cycle. Together, we can take the step towards digital transformation and contribute to caring for this important and scarce resource.

Do you need more information about these aids?

Our commercial department will be happy to assist you


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